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The Milesman Blauman Laser - 

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At Saron Beauty our point of difference is the unique blue laser technology we utilize in our treatments. This advanced technology has been sourced from Milesman in the UK. Milesman is established in more than 30 countries and specialises in research and manufacturing of high-powered, advanced medical laser technology equipment. Milesman offer the most advanced and powerful medical lasers on the market with proven results and Saron Beauty are one of the first salons in Australia to benefit from this unique technology.

Why is this technology so amazing? - Our key focus at present is on the Milesman Blauman laser, which effectively treats benign, pigmented and vascular lesions with outstanding accuracy, reassuring safety and impressive portability. This is a new technology for treating skin conditions and it's blue laser technology removes skin lesions & imperfections in a robust, powerful & portable platform.  

Milesman Blauman is the perfect laser to remove skin imperfections in just one treatment.  Intuitive settings allow control of both power and shot duration while offering complete precision to ensure safe treatments without affecting surrounding tissue. Without needing electric bistoury or cryogen, Blauman offers immediate results combined with a painless, accurate procedure covering multiple treatment applications. Milesman Blauman uses Blue Laser technology that does not absorb water, which allows the treatment to be carried out pain-free and without anaesthesia. 


Milesmanuk are investing in an app to screen skin lesions remotely, with qualified dermatologists, to efficiently identify unusual lesions. This technology will assist dermatologists with the detection of skin cancer. The ease of use and availability can assist in the early detection of skin cancer which will have a significant impact here in Australia.

At present, our Salon Manager, Marie, is the only Trainer in Australia qualified to provide training in the Milesman Blauman Laser. Marie has undergone extensive training and is assisting in the implementation of this technology throughout Australia. If you are interested in bringing this technology to your salon or clinic and require training for your staff please contact us to discuss availability on our next training session or a one-to-one demonstration at your salon. Email: for details.

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